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  1.  logo art is

    love Greece!!! ;)

    painted floor of the dining room - inspired by a place in Skopolos - another fabulous Greek island

                     blog painted floor  


                                                 blog greek chair

    Home from Home - My Greek house!!!

     Greek rugs everywhere...... brought back from the Greek Islands! Love the colours, 

     I use the rich colours in my Art

                                             blog Greek rug



  2. - Love - Agape (Greek) - Mad for -

    Welcome to Berti designs - by Sandra Berti - All original art created by me Sandra x

    Love Paxos

    blog Paxos Greek boat   


     blog Paxos Greek chair    blog paxos greek bar

    The Greek Islands are where I go every year and having just returned from my favourite Greek Island

    for the 5th time  -

    I never tire of seeing the fabulous patina of the Venetian style buildings,

    the turquoise blue of the sea and just the pure fact that the pace of life is simple and laid back.

    Our lovely friendly hosts of Paxos always make us so welcome - Paxos is so inspiring and I have returned

    feeling inspired to get painting in The Studio - no excuses now!!!

    How lovely that my Greek Church painting sold at Ayot Art Show - a piece of Greece to hang on the wall.


    2015 Paxos Life Little Church     blog Greek shutters   

    Little Greek Church         Greek Shutters


     blog Paxos Church

     Paxos Church


    The Greek Islands are what I love - feeling inspired!!! 


    Patina - just like a painting!          blog Paxos distressed wall


    I love the simplicity, rustic style, colours, texture and

    religious elements



                              blog paxos tabernacle

     Getting more arty inspiration


    blog Paxos olive oil  


     2007 Love Greece Greek Bottles 2 - lg  


    blog Paxos Lakka bottles