I just love being immersed in creativity,  from making clothes, designing art, doing the garden and interior decor ... hence I decided as a mature student to do a degree in 2-dimensional design at The University of Hertfordshire. Now working from home in my Loft Studio.

Seeing beauty in what some might not, always looking for an abstract connection. Creating from my emotions, memories and references of place, plus things I like along the way.  Greece, Cornwall and garden play a big part in my Art. Over time, just like life and the seasons, my painting has evolved into a primitive rustic ambiguous style. Scrolling between different media & texture and flipping into new colour palettes, following the ebb and flow to curate something new, adding word phrases if I feel the desire. The throw away society that we now live has made me aware of what can be used to create, so my paintings are often on old pieces of wood, fence posts, card, textiles +++ Always on the lookout for what I can paint on next.  Often the paintings have hidden history beneath the surface  as a discarded painting may have been painted over. Taking the viewer to a place of visual and physical presence of calm and intrigue.

Simplicity - space - calm - blotches and tokens

Inspired by Artists Jean Michelle-Basquiat for his grafitti style and Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour.

Curator for Kimpton Art Show for over 10 years


Instagram @artistnextdoor