Being immersed in creativity, whether that being my garden, interior decor or art just brings me such joy ... hence I decided as a mature student to do a degree in 2-dimensional design at The University of Hertfordshire. Now working from home in my Loft Studio in Kimpton, Herts.

My paintings do not always have a starting point, they often emerge from emotions, memories, references of place such as Greece, Cornwall and Gardens, plus things I've noticed along the way.  Seeing beauty in what some might not, such as some moss on a tree, a drain cover or piece of flint, always looking for an abstract connection with a simple composition.

Over time, just like life and the seasons, my paintings have evolved into a contemporary rustic style which is how I like to live. Building up layers and textures and flipping into different colour palettes. Adding word phrases if I feel the desire and sticking on relevant used papers that have been collected or created..Sometimes there is a hidden painting beneath that didn't quite hit the spot, so more paint goes on, rubbed or scratched off again. Love being the only one that knows what lies beneath and leaving the viewer intrigued. My handmade rustic frames are very much part of some final pieces which I feel compliment the style of my art.

simplicity - space - calm - blotches and tokens

Inspired by Artists Jean Michelle-Basquiat for his grafitti style and Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour.

Curator for Kimpton Art Show for over 15 years

EXHIBITING - Exhibiting locally... my work sells to individual collectors in the UK and Europe

Selected for Inch Arts Gallery Exhibition Altrincham 18th March - 6th May 2022

Kimpton Art Show 1st May Bank Holiday 2022

Ayot Art Show June 2022

INSTAGRAM INTERVIEW - @artistnextdoor 2021