I grew up in Hertfordshire, England and now live in the Village of Kimpton.  Formally educated as a mature Student at The Hatfield University and graduated with a BA (Hons). Enhancing my love of creativity and expressing this through painting from my Loft Studio.  Having a real connection from nature.... all the years of cross country running have fed this.... home, Greece, Cornwall and things I like along the way. My style has varied through time which reflects in the experimental nature of my work. A simplistic rustic ambiguous style with a strong hands-on approach, building up layers, (it's also about the space)  and whatever creative mood I am in, my work reflects both rich texture, vibrant and sometimes earthy colours using different media, including collage, ink, print and handmade plant based dyes. Exploring the everyday, maybe incorporating words into my art.

My work is not to reproduce a likeness, but to capture the characteristics of the subject. Things I see and like can be a painting in my eyes. It can be pure abstraction or often abstract representation. Approaching landscape in the same manner as still life, breaking down what I see until the composition is right. Simplicity in it's raw form is the ultimate goal. Work usually starts in the sketchbook, working from outdoors or from photos.

Inspired by the great Artists Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour and Jean Michelle-Basquiat for his grafitti style, elements of this can be seen in my work.

Another passion is to design cards and wrapping paper and making bits from otherwise thrown away things, such as feathers, tins and spent cartridges.

Exhibiting extensively since 2000, including Kimpton Art Show where I am an active Committee Member Curating the Show.

Chuffed to have been selected for second round of Delphian Gallery Open Call 2019.